Mini Mobile Power USB Camping Lamp LED Lamp Computer Nightlight


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===8% OFF for Flashlights shipped directly form USA warehouse Specification: Product name:Mini Mobile Power USB Camping Lamp LED Lamp Computer Nightlight Material: Glass fiber Light color: White, Yellow LED quantity: #1 #2 have 3 LED;#3 have 5 LED Powered By: USB Lumen: 22lm Power: 0.5w Color: Black Size: 32mm x12mm x2.5mm Weight: 10g Features: 1.0.5w ultra-low-power ,ultra-small super-mini night light, camping dedicated mobile power, but when the desktop computer lights. 2. This lamp have three sizes and two light color. 3. #2 is Optical version,if the room is brighting enough,the #2 USB lamp can't light. 4. #3 is touchpad,you can adjust the brightness of the light with your hand. 5. Can be placed in your wallet, you can also hang on a key, very portable. Power supply: standard USB interface, as long as you can plug USB, 5V power, mobile power, notebooks, netbooks, desktop computers can be. (Note: Due to the LED power consumption is very small, many full stop will move from power, not suitable for use, would think that no load is automatically turned off) Package included: 1 x Mini Mobile Power USB Lamp