Solar Powered Wall Mount 2 LED Light Lamp Outdoor Garden Fence Path


USD 8.85

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Descriptions: 1.High shock resistance. 2.Automatic sensor activates in darkness. 3.Bright 2 LED provide up to 6-9 hours on by 4-5 hours charge. 4.Light assemblies, connectors, and durable ground spikes are included. 5.Solar panel absorbs sunlight into electrical energy stored in rechargeable battery. 6.Intelligent energy saving. No UV rays ,environment friendly, Waterproof, heatproof, durable. 7.The light is ideal for illuminating paths, decks, docks, boats, driveways, stairways, pavements. 8.Solar LED road studs are know as solar raised pavement makers, solar reflective lane markers and solar warning devices. 9.It can be installed under the roof or fixed on the wall in your garden, gives you a good view and safety of your garden at night. 10.The independently operating lights have an average run time up to 8 hours depending on weather condition (no power cord is needed). 11.They have been specifically designed with road safety in mind and can help to prevent serious accidents and emit rather than reflect light. 12.It is cost effective, easy to install and require absolutely no wires or maintenance. Dramatically enhance the look of your garden and yard. 13.The solar powered wall light can be wall-mounted as well (all wall attachments and parts are included) which gives you flexibility for its placement in your garden. Installation: 1.Put back the battery compartment onto the light case. 2.Turn the swich ON",make sure that the batteries can be charged by solar panel. 3.Hang-"